June Brides

Planning a June wedding should happen like a year before the wedding if not even further back. When we were planning ours it was not as easy as we thought it would be.

The idea was a small wedding, my church and book a banquet hall. Neither of us wanted to go crazy with spending money because this was our second marriage. We were both widowed and knew what weddings were really about. Music and food for the guests. Hopefully not overcooked, cold or so strange no one would eat it. So we went for simple–hey we had three kids between us. Simple meant that they ate.

That wedding happened 31 years ago. I can barely remember the wedding. I was as scared as I was the first time I’d said yes to a man I loved at that altar. What I do remember was Ed’s smile, the love in his eyes, and our youngest son saying, “that’s my mom” when I walked down the aisle.

Then there was that beautiful double rainbow when we left the church and it hadn’t even rained.

It was a perfect wedding. Happy Anniversary Ed. I hope we have many many many more.

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About Diana Brandmeyer

Christian author Diana Lesire Brandmeyer writes historical and contemporary romances set from the Midwest to the Mountains. She’s written Mind of Her Own, Frontier Legacy Brides, Small Town Brides, and A Time for Love, among others. Once widowed and now remarried she writes with humor and experience on the difficulty of joining two families be it fictional or real life.

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