Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Voyager

It’s time to treat myself. Feeling a bit guilty but it is a work purchase.

Do you have a Kindle?

Do you have the Paperwhite or Kindle Voyager?

I’ve been reading reviews and trying to decide what would be best for me. I will admit I’m a bit of a ‘got to have the newest thing’ but I’ve also learned a lot about money in the past few years -thank you Dave Ramsey. So I’m leaning toward the less expesnive Paperwhite.

Please weigh in on what choice I should buy.

And today is the last day to pick up The Trouble with Ralph on kindle for free!

4 thoughts on “Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Voyager

  1. Lillie Ammann says:

    I’m eager to see what you decide–I’m trying to make the same decision, but I have a bit more justification than just wanting the newest and greatest. My second-generation Kindle is slow when I’m adding books to collections and finding new books, and sometimes it loses the place in books I’m reading. So I really NEED a new Kindle!

    • Diana Brandmeyer says:

      I’m leaning toward the paperwhite Lillie because of the reviews. It seems like there are issues with the light in the voyager. It does sound like you need a new one. I was blessed with an original kindle but it can’t keep up with me.

  2. Sara says:

    If the Paperwhite will meet your needs, then that would be the smart choice for your budget. The Voyager may be more bells and whistles than you need. That would also leave you more room in your budget for spoiling that grandson of yours.

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