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Living Dave Ramsey Style

In the beginning it was hard to decide if I loved Dave Ramsey or wish I’d never heard of him.

We took the Financial Peace Class this spring.

Book cover of fiancial peacy by Dave Ramsey

The glowing sun is from my camera. It’s not on the book cover, but maybe it should be. Think of it as the sun rising on a new day in your financial life. Hey, maybe Dave should hire me?

As I was saying…love or hate? When we started I did not like this program. It was hard! We had to be adults and figure out where we were spending money. Money is like math to me…it exists and I use it blindly and pretty much incorrectly.

While hubs was telling me that the program was working it didn’t really sink in–until I noticed this:

white plastic bag with the target store logo repeated

I went numb.

This is the bag where I stuff all the target bags after I empty them. It used to be overflowing. If that wasn’t enough evidence that the program works, I went to target and discovered they’d moved everything around since my last trip. Very disconcerting as I was the friendly shopper who could tell another lost shopper where to find anything in that store.

What happened to me? I’ve lost my spending gene.
And that’s okay with me.

I haven’t lost my shopping gene. Now I shop for what I need and look for sales. On a recent trip to the consignment shop I bought my entire winter wardrobe for less than $90. and these were not cheap clothes. Let me drop some names for you, Ann Taylor, Talbots, JJill, and Micheal Kors. Cashmere sweaters for $4.00 with the price tag still on them. Feel free to call me the Name Dropper.

Those clothes and the purchase of the hardwood floor came about from learning how to save from Dave Ramsey.

If you’ve taken the class or have a way to save please share in the comments.

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