Miracles Do Happen

When Meg Jorgenson decides to leave behind her former uncharmed life in Chicago with her cheating poet boyfriend, she decides to head to her former home in Miracle, Kentucky. Her mother fled Miracle while Meg was just a child, leaving behind Meg’s father who remarried and has more children. The aptly named town turns out to be a miracle of hope and healing for Meg. She is able to pursue her dream of teaching while staying with her delightful grandmother. While Meg reconnects with her grandmother and father’s family, she also catches the attention of a young widower, Lance Bayer and his daughter, Cammy.
Cammy was injured in the same car accident that took her mother’s life, but hopes to able to someday get out of the wheelchair she is bound to. During the story God is also trying to reconnect with Meg. The story is a light, delightful read as readers wonder if Meg and Vance will be able to overcome their differences, if her father’s family with accept her, and if Meg will be able to get past her doubts about God. Readers will become attached to Cammy and wonder if her dream to walk again will happen in the town full of miracles.

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