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Interesting comments on my ‘finding a voice entry.’

Jennifer Tiszai said…

If you want to hear some unusual voices, come up my way. Oh my. We have some interesting people in our town. I never run out of story fodder.

I’ve been to your state Jen, and I loved it. My brain was alive with stories. I think it’s the accent, it makes me hear things differently.

Casey Freeland said…

Ah, the search for a voice. That’s a good one. I’ve found that if I relax, write with real honesty, the voices just come. When I start to construct, to push things around artificially, to over-plot, that’s when my voices all sound like a third grade read-aloud.

Have fun on your travels!

I did have fun on my trip, Casey. Thanks. I spent a lot of time in the hotel sleeping though because I was sick. I did get to explore the library there though. Beautiful! It’s a Carnegie Library, marble floors and stairs. I wanted to spend the night there. AS for voice, you’re right when voices are forced they do begin to sound like a Dick and Jane reader.

Blissful said…

That can be difficult for me, too. Most of my heroes sound or act like my hubby. I also need to work on making them different personalities. 🙂

Hi Blissful, glad to see your comment on my page. I like that your heroes sound and act like your hubby. My first three books have been modeled on mine as well. I think God he gave me such a great hero to copy. Now that I’m on my 4th novel though I think it might be time to stretch a bit and find more depth. I’m checking out Daniel in the bible. I’m thinking there’s a powerful role model.

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