Mulitple Personality

Multiple Personalities Day


Multiple Personalities are fun for Hollywood and writers. They can be used to educate (Sybil), terrorize (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and make us laugh (Overboard).

By: Vic


In Mind of her Own Louisa Copeland has a different personality though not due to the Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Her issue stems from retrograde amnesia. The bump on her head has her returning to an age when something stressful happened to her. The teen years. With 3 children under her care sometimes the teenage impulsivity works to her advantage but not always. Her children and husband are confused and conflicted by this new side of their mom.

Even though MPD isn’t something most of us deal with there are moments when one wonders about the state of some of our friends and families. Even ourselves if we are honest.

A switch is flipped and we act differently than what is expected. It could be triggered by something as small as getting the wrong coffee. The caramel smell and flavor has you floating as you remember your first kiss—he had been eating caramel. Your day changes, you smile at everyone, your step is lighter, and then your husband calls. Oops, back to real life you go and you’re thankful to be married to the right person—not the one who eats caramel. But for a short time you are that other person, the one who hasn’t entered the work force, marriage or answering to mom.

Today is Multiple Personality Day—embrace it as fun. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be even if for only five minutes and it won’t cause you or someone you love harm.

Me? I’m putting glitter on my nails and tiara on my head. I’ve always wanted to be queen.

By: Robynlou Kavanagh


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  1. Diana, I love a “delicious, engaging read!” I’m also always glad to comply with becoming someone else for a little while, myself! That’s why I read so much. A little escape into another world, become someone else for a little while…then close the book and get back to my own REAL life. Those precious few minutes are often enough to allow a little bit of respite from a hectic, busy life.

    P.S. How long did you leave your tiara on? LoL! ;-]

  2. Hi Diana, I am quite happy if your characters get bumps on their heads – the result is, as you said, not MPD, but a delicious, engaging read. If Mind of Her Own is the bump on the head example, then bring it on! I am ready to read and enjoy!

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