New Look

I have a new respect for those who design blog templates after two day of trying to do it myself! I found a person who makes easy to use templates. Christine! She has a lot to offer. I wish I had discovered her earlier. I might have had time to write the last two days!

I had fun playing with my digi stuff too while making my new header. What do you think of it? Lie Fhung is an amazing digi artist.

Family news:
Josh is home for a little while this summer. It’s been fun having him here. He makes me laugh. He has an interview for a job this week so he cut his hair! He looks like a grown-up now of would if he changed shirts!

Wendell has been up to some more odd behavior . He’s decided to spend a lot of time up here. I’m wondering if he’s judging me for my lack of time spent on writing!

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