No place like a room full of books!

Ask any writer or reader about books and how many they have, the answer is likely to be, “To many to count.”

I love that there are empty shelves but I don’t think that will last.

This room has bothered me forever. Where the bookcase is there was supposed to be a window. It wasn’t put in because of the back staircase, ’cause who would want to look at a bunch of steps? Okay I would if they had beautiful potted geraniums but most of the year they would be graying weathered wood with some kind of moss growing on them. Which leads me back to the wall without a window. The room is really long you’re seeing only half of it. The other half is the couch, chairs, woodstove, French doors and a big cabinet with the t.v.

So when I saw these pretty shelves at IKEA with the addition of lights I just knew they would work in this spot. I love the way they bring light to the room and everything is now visible. I used to have all of these stacked on one bookcase with 3 shelves 3 layers thick.

Life is good.

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