Perfect Pumpkin

This week a friend is staying with me. For a few days her children were here too. We took the youngest pumpkin picking.

After walking through all of those pumpkins he found one that he deemed perfect, but he couldn’t pick it up. The rule is you have to be able to carry it (that’s my rule)!

So the search continued. Soon he found one he could carry. It too was perfect.

We made it back to the place where the tractor would pick us up and take us back to the garden center.  Just then the most perfect pumpkin was discovered. It was a few feet from where we climbed off the trailer thirty minutes earlier.

Often the perfect thing is sitting right in front of me waiting for me to notice God put it there. I don’t notice it and head out to find my own perfect version. I try other almost perfect things and they seem to work but soon I find the dent or the burden to heavy. Then there it is the perfect solution already provided if I had only opened my eyes.

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