Planning a Yard Sale

a2z: “Y” is for Yard Sale


When is a good time to plan a yard sale?

Maybe not today. I’m pre-writing this post because it’s snowing–a lot. As in up to 12 inches before it’s all over and the temps –oh I can’t even write about those single and minus numbers. I can’t see my yard but I can see all the unnecessary things I own. They are taunting me. “Why not put me in a yard sale? Make a few dollars?”

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It’s so tempting to start piling unwanted items in the corner. I could price them right now…no, I can’t buy stickers because I’m sure I’ll slide into the ditch at the bottom of my driveway. Then I’ll have to call for help and there goes any money I might make at my yard sale.  But I can still prepare, right?

I searched the house for boxes to store things in–I found one, a shoe box.

Maybe I should take the time to read a book by the fire and forget about the yard sale for a while. Spring will come soon–not soon enough, but soon, then watch out– all of you things taking up space–watch out! You’re out of here. 




1. Pick a date (that makes it a deadline and you must meet it) along with a start and end time. 

2. Find an organization who will take the items left at the end of the sale.

3. Invite a few friends to bring their stuff–require they stay for the sale. You don’t want to be responsible for letting Great Aunt Hattie’s tea cup go for a      nickel when your friend thinks it’s worth $5.00.

4. Find out who has tables you can borrow that day. It’s easier to sell things off a table than the ground.

5. Set up an area in the house where you can ‘drop’ items to be marked.

6. Before you put something in the ‘drop’ area make sure it is clean. Dirt doesn’t sell for much.

7. Take time each day to mark items and move them to a priced pile.

8. The night before set up the tables and display items IN YOUR GARAGE with the door down! Otherwise you’ll have people dropping by to shop when you aren’t ready.

9. The day of the sale make sure you have sandwiches made for your lunch, a cooler with drinks and a way to make change. *It’s a good idea to have a change box with someone sitting by it the entire time.

10. Have your helpers walk the sale being helpful and watchful.

When it’s over order dinner for everyone and wonder why you spent the hours to preparing and holding the sale when you could have donated everything. 🙂

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