Pushing to the limit

How hard to you push yourself?

I watched the movie Facing the Giants last night, good movie. There is a scene where the coach blindfolds a football player after the player says he’ll give his all to do what the coach asks. He has to crawl across the football field with another player on his back for 50 yards. (I’m not a football person so I can’t remember the exact term for this exercise!) With the coach’s encouragement the player made it all the way to the end of the field, way past the 50 yards. It was hard, he wanted to quit but he didn’t know how far he’d already gone and he’d promised the coach to give it his all and he still had more to give. Are you with me? I feel like I’m rambling!

I’m that player (not really, you’ll never see me crawling on a football field!) but I am not really giving my all to God. I want to change that. I think the blindfold helped because the player wasn’t able to see how far he’d come and how far he had to go. A lot of times I think, well I’ve already written several books isn’t that enough? It’s so hard to give so much of my time, my imagination and my life to writing a book—and I write short books! I can’t imagine being Julie Lessman and writing such a long book, no not one but three or more!

Sorry, back on track… so I am challenging myself and anyone else that wants to try. I’m going to give my all, 100% to my writing. That is a scary statement but I know my God won’t let me down, I just pray I don’t let Him down.

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