Review: Havah by Tosca Lee

The story of Eve, that’s the subtitle. It could be said it is the The Story of Eve, the story of women.

I could not put this book down. I soaked in the words of Havah’s story. I felt a kinship with her, felt her guilt, her sorrows, her joy and her grief.  I cried when she called in a broken woman’s voice, ‘Adonai’ and didn’t receive an answer. How much more grievous it had t have been for her after talking to God and hearing from Him in a way none of us have, to lose that would have crushed most of us. Yet, God made her and Adam strong, equipped them with the strengths and knowledge needed to begin our civilization.

Tosca Lee has taken Genesis’s very short chapters about Eve and filled in the missing story of what might have been. While it is a work of fiction the possible reality that life might have been much like this for Eve causes one to pause and to think. This woman blamed for the downfall for our sin, sorrows, and discomforts was real. She was a survivor and a daughter of God. And having read Havah I understand so much more of what was lost.

This book and Demon: a Memoir,  Lee’s other book will not be leaving my personal library. Both are books that can be reread knowing a new perspective will be gained.

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