Review: Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach by Trish Perry
Harvest House Publishers

Sunset Beach has a cabin that Sonny Miller can’t wait to rent. Her mom has promised her a week anywhere she chooses for her graduation gift. Sonny has plans for more than relaxing though. What Sonny’s mother doesn’t know is Sonny is determined to use her new psychology degree to get answers she’s wanted for years, like who is Sonny’s father?

Sonny has few plans to throw her mom off balance. She’s invited her mom’s sister, Melanie to spend the week too. A sister Sonny didn’t know her mom had until she hired a private investigator. Melanie has a few secrets of her own about Sonny’s mom and the identity of her father.

Sonny’s mom is on to her though, she knows Sonny is going to want something from her this week and she’s not going to give her the chance to uncover secrets. She’s brought along a surprised guest of her own, the charming Irina, her protégé. She’ll have to spend most of her time working with Irina which should protect her from Sonny’s prying into her past.

And if that’s not enough there is a hunk of gorgeous, that shows up from Sonny’s past.

Perry brings this delightfully light yet, serious book full circle by the end. I’d recommend it for a beach read or airplane ride. It has enough of a relaxing setting that you can feel the sand in your toes and yet has plenty of intrigue to make you turn the page.

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