Review- The Perfect Blend by Trish Perry

Trish Perry’s The Perfect Blend is a quick, fun and enjoyable read.
Step Vandergrift is the product of helicopter parents and has no idea how to make good decisions about her life.

Risking everything to prove her independence she agrees to marry, Rick Manfred. Only Rick doesn’t show up for the wedding.

Now Steph has burned all her bridges with her family and friends back home. She’s stranded in a town where she hasn’t a job, a home or a friend.

Then Milly, the tea shop owner helps her out for a few week while she looks for other work. Of course she makes more and more mistakes with her impulsive decision making, all of which will have you laughing.

Kendall James an eligible bachelor takes notice of Steph and oh how she wants to jump into love with him. Still for once she tries to hold back on her impulsive behavior. Can she? Read the book, it’s delightful.

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