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Should You Forge Ahead When Plans Change

Many experts would recommend when your plans change, plan to adapt. Some would suggest to forage ahead because something life changing is about to occur.

Most of us do swerve when events are canceled, family members fall ill, or when finances insist so why doesn’t government adapt? Do they always feel a life change will occur and everyone will be pleased?

In my small town, we have railroad tracks that separates a large chunk of residential areas from the city. When I moved here I knew to take a book or pen and paper in the car because I would often be stuck waiting for the train to move, unless I wanted to drive miles out of the way. Many times I did try to ‘beat the train’ to the next crossing. After awhile I quit, it was impossible. I couldn’t get there before the gates would come down.

The trains would be there for quite some time on the side track waiting for another train to pass by. My kids knew if I was late picking them up from school not to worry as I was probably stuck at the tracks.

Several years ago my little piece of country began to be taken over by subdivisions, traffic increased, a sports park took the place of a corn field across from my driveway and it became more important to someone that a bridge be build over the tracks. Cost—over 6 million dollars.

It’s a nice bridge.

Railroad bridge

So what’s the problem?

It wasn’t needed. Before it was even completed the tracks were cut in two places. (Federal Law requires unused tracks to be disconnected) I have no answer to why the city was unaware that the tracks were going to be discontinued for use. Did someone not check with the railroad before beginning the project? Or was it because the money was already assigned and it must be used? I suspect the later.

Now we have a bridge that is more like a mountain in these parts. This winter will be interesting as cars slide down in the ice and snow. Or maybe the city can adapt and close the bridge after snow storms so the kids can use it for sledding?

Thinking about myself (this is where you get to think about yourself) how many times to we have a plan that we are positive is the right one? What do we do when we discover it isn’t? For me, I don’t go to the government for the answer. I go to God with my dilemma then I wait for an answer. Sometimes it takes to long to get one and I build a bridge I don’t need.

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