Snowflakes in November!!!!

Sorry not the white fluffy, snowmen kind! This is really a post for my writer friends. Randy Ingermanson a.k.a. The Snowflake Guy has produced a program called Snowflake Pro and until Friday night you can get it for $20!!!!! That is amazing. I ordered it and worked with it yesterday. I love it.
I no longer have to dig in my files to find my snowflake information when I start a new book.
I can now open and SAVE** (very important) a file for a new idea.
It is super easy to use, so easy that he gives you not one but three ways to understand what the program wants from you. You can listen to an audio, view lecture notes, or view help notes.
IF you do all the things the program asks you then push the AUTOMATIC PROPOSAL CREATOR you will be almost ready to send it off to a publisher!  You still have to tweak it a bit fill in places (there are hints about what should go in there)  but  if you struggle with writing these you’ll love this feature.

***SAVE  something I should have done right away but forgot and then when asked if I wanted to save I didn’t. I blame it on NANOWRIMO brain. Today I start over I’m sure it will be much better than the first edition.
Remember this 80% off offer ends ends on Friday
night, November 20, 2009 at midnight sharp, California
time. Snowflake Pro

AND this is important Randy has not even asked me to review this program much less pay me. 🙂 It’s just that good I wanted to share.

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