Spring in the MidWest

It’s not supposed to look like this in March.

Where are the lilacs?

snowy street

Only snow!

We measured before it the snow quit and it was already 8 inches! By morning it would be 10!

meauring snow

The snow stuck to everything! I like the way it made this bush look as if it is wearing a hat, notice the small avalance in the background.

snow garlandIt’s spring but the flowers havent poked out their blooms to say hi yet. I’m waiting. The snow is pretty but I like green grass and flowers.

What does your spring look like?


6 thoughts on “Spring in the MidWest

  1. Carrie Daws says:

    That is crazy! We are moving about 4 hours north and I hear they got a dusting as well. Ugh! I’m not sure I”m ready for snow in March! I’m a southern girl now! LOL…

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