Stealing the Preacher by Karen Wittemeyer Review

Stealing the Preacher by Karen Wittemeyer

It took me awhile to realize this was a sequel to Short-Straw Bride which I loved (see my review here).

Crockett Archer is on the adventure of his life, he’s all packed, sermon notes are ready all he has to do is ride the train all the way to Piney Woods of Texas. This is what God’s been preparing him for all his life. Then the train is stopped by outlaws and all they want is a preacher! Surely this wasn’t in God’s plan.

Joanna Robbins has requested a preacher for her birthday, she’s worn out from trying follow her mother’s dying wish—turn her father into a Christian. She didn’t expect him to deliver her present tethered to a horse.

I enjoyed reading the escapades of Crockett trying to win over Joanna’s father by showing him who Jesus is though his actions. There’s some delightful ‘girl shenanigans’ as well as one of the single women in the church decides she’d make a dandy preacher’s wife.

Watching Joanna–maybe I should say reading–  falling in love with Crockett but at the same time trying to let him focus on his reason for being at the ranch was touching. She

It’s a fast paced read and many layers of problems that made me wonder how they could be resolved in a way that would leave me happy.  Wittemeyer came through with this book.  Another winner and yet I’m wondering about golden hair Holly who clearly needs a husband and has no idea how to find one. Could she be the star in the next book?

reader holding book
What’s next for the Archer Brothers?

Gee I think I need more sleep! Thanks Karen Wittemeyer for writing such a good book to keep me company last night.

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