Studios –is your’s as good as Pixar’s?

Pixar Studio

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Still in the recovery mode at my house so what’s a person to do when their foot looks like this?

foot in surgical boot

Yes, it hurts.

I spend a lot of time on the couch with my foot elevated while searching for things that make me laugh or inspire me to change things.

I stumbled onto this amazing youtube clip of PIXAR’s studios. I think my office might be to dull, lacking in fun and well–to pretty. I’d love, love, love to sit in the big chair.


What about you? After watching this are you thinking of adding some fun to your writing studio or home office?


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4 thoughts on “Studios –is your’s as good as Pixar’s?

  1. Barbara Lynn Culler says:

    OUCH! For you poor foot. Hope you are well on the mend.
    What a cool place to work. Whoever heard of a boss telling you to play more? Surely not me!

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