Summer arrived

In a blast! I think this is our 7th day of a major heatwave. We don’t usually get these until August so everyone is complaining about how hot it is. Upper 90’s if you’re wondering with a nice dose of 90% humidity!

So what is the perfect summer temperature for you?

I like it just warm enough to hang out by the pool, if we still had one. Around 80 is good, and zero humidity would be nice. So this week is a good week to stay inside and read.

So what are you reading now?

I’m reading another Charles Martin book. I like his work. As a writer I like to read books that teach me how to write better fiction. His work is filled with excellent examples.

This week Margaret Daley has an interview with me on her blog and there is a chance to win a book if you leave a comment oh her blog so check it out!

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