Sweet Katie Bee’s lovin’ the Gluten-free cupcakes

Old Fashioned Look

Sweet Katie Bee’s serves Gluten-free cupcakes!


Walking into Sweet Katie Bee’s is like stepping back in time.

Sweet Katie Bees

Except this modern day wonder offers gluten-free cupcakes, quiche and oatmeal along with lots of coffie and chi.

Coffee flavorings

The best part is that it isn’t located in Chicago or Oak Park or Hinsdale. It’s here in O’fallon, Illinois. That could be good or bad…good because it’s so close and I can get a cupcake anytime I want and bad because I can get a cupcake anytime I want!

Sweet Katie Bee's cupcakes

These aren’t gluten-free but they have some just like it in the back –far far far way from the gluten.  Last week I had a chocolate cupcake with filling and chocolate icing. So very good.

If you’re ever in O’fallon, Illinois stop by Sweet Katie Bee’s, have a seat and enjoy the old-fashion surroundings.


Dining at Sweet Katie Bee's

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