9/11 and Forgiveness

Is forgiveness possible?

a2z: “F” is for forgiveness

It’s been 11 years since the towers were hit by terrorists and I still struggle with forgiving those who did it. 
The fear for my family, my sons is still real to me. We were nowhere near New York. We were and still live in the Midwest but I knew retaliation would be coming. My sons could be sent to fight and I would have been proud of them if they had gone to war. But inside I would have been sick with worry as any mother who sends her sons or husband to war. 
I can forgive almost anything but this. This one day lives fresh in my mind, and I struggle. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to a place where forgiveness can happen.
I’ll work on it, maybe by the 12th anniversary I’ll be able to say I have forgiven those who planned and carried out this horrific plan.


Matthew West– Forgiveness