Repeat, Repeat, Repeat


a2z: the letter “R” for repeat



red R

R is for Repeat


I made a list of things I tend to do without thinking.

 Ten things I do on autopilot

  1. Check email
  2. Writing blog posts
  3. Making dinner
  4. Holiday get-togethers
  5. Church
  6. Going to Target
  7. Working out
  8. Calling my mom
  9. Feeding the cats
  10. Saying “I love you” to my husband.


While all are good things I’m not liking my list. I want to do more than operate on autopilot.


I want to feel the repeat, know that what I’m doing is good and right. I want to look forward to the next time I do the task.

So my goal for the week is to think before repeating a task and see if I can find joy in what I’m doing even it it’s from unsubscribing from a shopping site.


I love lists don’t you?