Caps for Sale or Poky Little Puppy #row80

Favorite Childhood Books a2z: “B” is for Books!

This weekend I attended a baby shower. I haven’t been to one like this. It was a book shower!
How fun is that?
We were asked to bring a book for the new baby –yet unnamed, but suggestions were made, Finn, Jillian, Logan. The mom-t- be just laughed and said wait and see.
Back to the books…

There were probably close to 50 books filling the basket by the time the last piece of paper had been smoothed an saved.

What made this a special shower was the comments made as books were unwrapped. Stories of babies (who are now married and having their own!) favorite books. Some books were new to some of us and of courses we needed to look at them.

It brought up discussions of what our favorite books were as kids. I’d forgotten about Mr. Pudgins by Ruth Christopher Carlsen. I read it often and saved it to read to my children. 

What’s it about?
Here’s the back cover copy:
Wild and wacky things happen when Mr. Pudgins comes to sit for John, Pete, and Jane. Strangely enough, they happen only when Mr. Pudgins smokes his pipe.

Faucets run soda pop instead of water. The old Model T suddenly rides on the lake like a speedboad. And playmates step right out of the mirror!

Life with Mr. Pudgins–well, it’s almost like magic. Maybe it is!

As I was leaving the shower there were a few college/highschool girls curled up on the couch reading picture books. One of them was reading Caps for Sale. That was another favorite of mine. She said it was hers too. Her grandmother read it to her.

What was your favorite childhood book?