Don’t Let Your Giants Win

How do you slay your giants?


Are you familiar with the story of David in Goliath in 1 Samuel in the bible? If you are skip ahead, if not let me tell you about him. 

David was a shepherd boy sent by his father Jesse, to check on his older brothers who served in the Israelite army. When David arrived he watched as soldiers ran from a giant of a man who served the Philistine army. His name was Goliath. He was huge–a giant to the Israelite army and he made fun of God’s army.

 David who had slain large animals to protect his family’s sheep took the challenge to defend God’s army. With a rock and and a slingshot he took down that giant and the Philistines became slaves to Israel. 

You can read the full story in 1 Samuel chapter 17. 

We all have giants in our lives—not usually people and please if you do—don’t get a slingshot and rock to take care of the problem! 

Today giants take different forms and we have to learn to take them down. But how do we do that? 

Prayer is the best place to start. When I ask for guidance about my giants it seems that God opens my eyes and I discover that not all of my problems are as big as I make them out to be. That God has equipped me to handle the overwhelming to-do list, the big project I’ve begun or just figuring out what I’m making for dinner. *yes sometimes that is the biggest giant of all for me! 

Other days my eyes are opened to the heartbreaking problems others have and I realize at this moment my giant is a very small thing. 

I have a friend who is waiting for heart transplant for his daughter.

I have a friend with ALS.

I have a friend  trained as a Chaplin who heart is breaking because she wants to help those in need but can’t find a position. 

When I look at those true giants I know that I’ve faced some of my own– Seeing my first husband die from cancer, losing 3 brothers all before I reached age of 30 and having a father that left us and didn’t come back when I was 15. 

Those were hard and yet I survived, I changed and my faith grew. 

Are all my giants gone? 

I don’t think so as long as I’m leaving on earth as one of God’s people there will always be someone that wants me to go away. There will always be a tragic incident around the corner. It’s what I do with those that will make the difference.

If I choose to be like David and step out with the faith of God the biggest giant of all, the evil one will not win. 

How do you handle your giants?

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How to Study the Bible

I want to spend more time in bible study this year. The last few years I’ve read and reread Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence
It’s a good book but I want more.

Talking with a friend led me to Concordia’s Complete Bible Handbook for students. When I went looking for it I also found Concordia’s Complete Bible Handbook
Searching with the ‘see inside’ feature I knew it was what I was looking for. I’ve ordered it and wanted to share this find with you. Yes, that’s an affiliate link. 🙂


I’ve been searching for the right book to help me learn more about the bible. I think I’ve found it. Searching inside I found beautiful graphics, charts, word meanings and more. One reviewer says there are maps as well! In the last two years of bible study at church I’ve found having maps help me understand what is written in the bible. How far someone had to travel what kind of terrain and where the nearest water is located helps with an extra layer of information.

Do you have other suggestions for me to look at? Please share!


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