Financial Peace is Possible

It’s Financial Planning Week!

Yes, it’s me the self-proclaimed, “I don’t do math and bugets are all about math.”
The thing is since taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Course last spring I’ve discovered that life can be sweeter when you know what is going on with your money.
My husband is teaching the course again this fall so I’m going to the classes again.
The difference from the first time I sat in the class and now is startling. 
First time:
  • I was terrified about not having money for day to day expenses
  • I couldn’t talk to my husband about money without tears
  • I had no idea where our money was going or if we even had money for food
  • Our money has a name so I know where it is going
  • I am not fearful or anxious even though we have debt
  • We have budget/plan and I always know if there is money for food
  • The best part? I sleep at night and we can discuss money without tears
Are you in charge of your money or were you like me–imprisoned by it?

If you are having problems please look for help. Dave Ramsey’s courses are taught all over the country. He teaches in a way that left or right brained, nerd or free spirit will undstand how to manage your money.