Getting Through the Drought and #ROW80

Growing during a Dry Spell

Southern Illinois corn field in drought conditions 2012 July
Dying Cornfield

Our state has hit the 20 plus days of drought.

Corn should not be this brown in July. The kernels are unformed or dry.

The weatherman speaks of more 100+ degree days and spotty showers. He reminds everyone that the showers are not for everyone in the viewing area.


We’ve seen promising clouds, excitement builds as we think today it’s our turn for relief. 

Then they move on.

Writing is like this.

Raising children is like this. 

Life is like this.

There are many times I’ve sent out proposals for books and waited and watched. Nothing happens, but contracts seem to rain on other writers I know, passing by me.

Bringing up my boys I often felt alone, no one else could possibly feel the loneliness I did. I craved a down pour of understanding from another mother. Then it would seem there would be a friend who would understand and then the military would move them far away.

Everyone has droughts in their lives, some are worse than others. Yet, like the corn they struggle to keep going, keep growing, grasping for the tiniest bit of hope.

So how do you stand tall at times like this? Or do you fall to your knees like me asking God for just a drop of hope, help, or understanding?

Leave me some hope in the comment section, please.

ROW80 goal check in
2nd proposal first draft done
on target for blog posts, and working out
3 chapters written!
Studying Rob Eagar’s Sell Your Book like Wildfire –liking what I’m reading
I may need to make new goals!