Tap Dancer Turns

Trisha Turns and Taps

a2z: The Letter ‘T’

As soon as I saw Trisha Turns do the splits on the wall I knew I had to make her my Letter T for a2z.

Tapper Turns does wall splits flexiblity

Looks like a T!

I began my adventure in getting into shape at Studio L.
Trisha Turns was the first person I met. She has a great smile, engaging personality and she teaches Tap!
Yes, Trisha Turns Teaches Tap! This is like word heaven for a writer.
tap dancer

Tapping Trisha Turns

Can it get any better than this? Yes! Trisha Turns has a cute little dog named Tiffany!!! No I’m not making this up!
small dog with t-shrit

Tiffany Turns

And what does a tap dancer love to eat? Peanut Butter and Chocolate Pancakes!

She loves these!

Meeting Trisha¬† has been a great joy. I’m not ready to take her Turns class though.
Yes, one last T–She also teaches Turns. She’s a writer’s dream. Thanks Tiffany!