“T” is for Typewriter a2z

Can you imagine typing an entire novel on one these?

There’s no backspace key.
You can’t hit ctrl c for copy and crtl v for paste–“Yes, I’m a PC,” meant nothing when these guys were hot items.

I learned to type on a Royal that looked a lot like this one. It didn’t have green buttons. I loved the sound those keys made, clack, clack clack and when you made it to the margin the bell would ring , you’d push the lever and zing-it would return to the right side and you’d start a new line.

When you made a mistake you had to get a bottle of White Out, paint it on like nail polish and wait for it to dry. I found waiting hard and often I’d try and type to soon.

I don’t really miss that typewriter, just the idea of it. I like all the functions I have on my computer.

And while I never wrote an entire novel on my typewriter I did write short stories.

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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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