Writer’s Office-my dream

The office is done! Thanks to Ed the wonder floor layer and IKEA furniture assembler. Everything went well except for having to take another trip to IKEA last week for a piece we forgot.

This is what we started with:

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer's old office

This is my side, Ed has the other side of the office. The wall with the windows aren’t visible here, but that wall was a really deep blue. Looked great several years ago. The desk is supposed to be “L” shaped but I didn’t like it that way. To hard to get into the cabinets. It’s even more messy than I remember. I should have cleaned before I took this photo.

Here’s the remodel! The paint is called Corner Brook A37-1 from ACE. The floor is natural red oak from Floor Traders.

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer's new office
bookshelf in office

This is my side of the office. I love that the chair glides across the floor to the bookshelf.

stained glass doors to office

The doors to my office were a Christmas gift from Ed not long after we married. He rescued the stained glass I had in my barn and made them into doors. I love them. The long white bench next to the windows was also made by him. It’s a great place for the cats to watch the birds and squirrels.

file box made into a window seat

It opens to hold all of our files.

This is the piece we drove back to IKEA in Bolingbrook to buy. The printer sets on the counter and the unit pulls out giving us more space to lay out (pile) our stuff. I like it because the drawers are shallow. That allows me to keep books I use often within easy reach and they have a place to go at the end of the day.

digital frame on shelf

My personal space. On Pintrest someone had placed their digital frame over their desk. I liked that idea and stole it. My lamp is full of marbles.

index card holder

I love this organizer I discovered at Pier 1 last spring. I keep note cards with plot points I don’t want to miss along with the print out from my book coming out in May to inspire me to write another one.


Powerful Love

I-55 Southern Illionis

We’re redoing our office and I’d saved enough money for new office furniture because we all know that is going to increase my creativity by 100%.

The furniture needed and must have is located in Bollingbrook, IL at the IKEA store. My favorite place, but not my husbands. It takes about 4 1/2 hours to get there. It’s a nice Sunday drive. Not really, the photo above is what it looks like most of the trip. Flat, flat, flat.

It’s sad when the one thing that makes the trip exciting is a semi-truck on it’s side. Yes, I looked. I wasn’t driving so it’s okay. I’ve never seen the underside of a semi-truck. There were a lot of flashing lights, fire trucks and policemen. No ambulance though, so I’m praying the driver was fine and it wasn’t needed.

So what makes this long drive such a message of powerful love?

We went on Superbowl Sunday. Yes, we did.

I-55 close to Bollingbrook, Illinois

And yes, we arrived home long after the Superbowl was over. I can say my husband has a powerful love for me to miss the game.

How did you spend Superbowl Sunday?

D is for Drive

a2z: Take 2. Patty Wysong Helping bloggers blog.

Wood Floor = more creativity?

Natural Red Oak

Photo isn’t the best but I promise to show you the entire thing when it’s finished.
Our weekends have been all about pulling up carpet, staples and nails and then installing this beauty.

I also painted the walls this week. Don’t be fooled by the paint and primer in one can marketing. This isn’t a big room and it took 2.5 gallons to paint. One wall is mostly windows and the other has double doors. Not sure where all that paint went. It looks blue in the photo but there it is more teal than blue.

Next step is a trip to Ikea for desks and bookcases.

I’m positive once this is all done and my mess is reorganized I’ll be able to write better and faster. Just like when you get new shoes and can run faster–that’s what this is going to be like. At least for a week until I start piling papers and books because that’s what I do. For now though I am going to dream a little dream.

All of this has been made possible because Barbour bought my book, A Bride’s Dilemma in Friendship, Tennessee. It will be coming out in May.  Without that there would still be yucky carpet because we have undertaken the task of becoming Dave Ramsey people. IE. RESPONSIBLE ADULTS paying cash for what we want instead of using our credit cards and using money we don’t have.

Dave Ramsey is an easy thing to do but it is so HARD! Especially if you are an impulse buyer and you can’t do math like me. I’m the one standing at the cash register with the freaked out look. You know the one that says, “Are you kidding I spent that much? How?”

We’re only on week 2
Week 4 the scissors bite the credit cards in half.
I may die.

Are  you working with a budget? How’s that working out? I really want to know that I will survive this.