Extra Innings

How Many Innings Do We Get?

a2z: the letter ‘I’

white lettering on brown brick
Do you have a life plan?
Do you know the answer to: Where do you see yourself in five years?
As I struggle to answer that question the years pile up behind me. In the game of life, I’m pretty sure I’m in Extra Innings. It may even be a twenty inning game.
baseball field with players
Despite having read many set your goal books the five year question can’t be answered. I can only trust that God knows what I’m going to be doing.
I can however look to the future and hope that I’m still selling books, that writing stories every day gets me out of bed and of course the goal I can’t seem to reach and stay–at my desirable weight–has been met. 
Desirable weight? Now that’s another blog post. Who sets that number anyway?
So tell me, have you answered the five year question? If you did, is it working out? Should I try harder to answer it?