Joy Stealers

Stealing Joy in a Flash

a2z: the letter “J”


Recently I had my joy stolen. It took a few sentences from someone and the pleasure I had been experiencing doing something I loved disappeared. 

Tears replaced the joy. 
Distress moved in.
Anxiety, of ever doing the activity again, locked the door.

Am I the only one that reacts this way?

I asked a few friends, “What steals your joy in a flash?

A. You know what steals my joy, are people that tell you what you want to hear. Placaters. Patronizers.  

B. Inconsistency

C. Drivers that pass everyone in a construction zone and find a way into the lane where I’ve been waiting for twenty minutes. It’s as if they are the only person who has something to do.

D. Rude people, people who like to put down others to make them feel better about themselves. AND people who state something as a fact when it is merely an opinion. Oh, and people who want to make you and everyone else think that they know more about a subject than you do.

Joy Stealing hits in many ways, but it hits. 

So what’s the solution? How should we handle it?

I didn’t like my reaction and I realized by focusing on the situation I was handing over my life to someone else. How silly is that?

I’m not doing this anymore.The only one I’m handing my life over to is Jesus.

Joy is here to stay.
I will not allow anyone to bully me into feeling like this again. The minute I feel that way I’m going to reject it. I’m not giving my joy away–but I am willing to share it.

What do you do when someone takes your joy?