The Blurred Line of Creativity and Need

a2z is for Creativity

Why does anyone create?

Are we driven by some great need to make something never made before?
Use the back of a bus to create more storage
BussShed or ShedBuss?

Is creativity driven by need?

In this case someone needed more storage than the shed could hold. Creative solution? Cut an opening in the wall and add the back of a buss.

In 1929 Laura Ingalls Wilder’s family suffered financially from the stock market crash. She began writing biographical stories which became the Little House on the Prairie books. Would she have written them if the need hadn’t been great? Was it creativity or need for Laura? 

My son, Andy is an artist. He’s painted some amazing stuff and paints what he enjoys, but that line becomes blurred when bills are higher than expected. Then he paints smaller canvases which sell faster. Those are the ones I can afford!

Painting of Foreset Park by Andrew Brandmeyer
Forest Park by Andrew Brandmeyer

I create but not out of need–right now.
I write what I love, and if all goes well I get published.  There may come a time when I must use that creativity in a way I don’t love–the worst thing I can think of is writing an article for a math magazine.

Do those exist? Shudder. I can’t imagine what kind of chaos I could create between the covers.

How have you blurred the line of creativity and need?