The Ultimate Gluten Free Bread Book

Making Gluten-Free Bread

a2z is for “U”


I’ve been waiting for this gluten-free bread book to be released for quite some time. It is the ULTIMATE resource for those of us with gluten issues.

I read this book cover to cover before embarking on my first post.

I learned a few things–did you know chlorine in tap water kills yeast? Me either!

In her book, Gluten-Free on a Shoestring Bakes Bread, Nichol Hunn has offers many tips and tells what products and tools you’ll need to make bread that will remind you of what you used to eat*affiliate link

I started with the first bread recipe in the book, Lean Crusty White Sandwich Bread. I can’t give you the recipe, but I do encourage you to get the book if you need to eat gluten-free. It would also make a great present. 

 Shoesting bakes Glutenfree bread

Fresh From the Oven! Gluten Free Bread!

This is my finished loaf. It is crusty and has small air pockets –just like that ‘other’ bread that I can’t eat.

I think this cookbook should be called The Ultimate Gluten-Free Bread Book…next up on what to bake? Crescent Rolls! 

So what to you think? Does it look good enough to eat?


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