How do you handle stress? #ROW80

green street sign COPE
Do you live on Cope Dr.?

 Living on Cope Drive

I have two sons that have been ill these past few months. They don’t live at home anymore but that doesn’t make it any less stressful for Ed and I.

This past week  has been challenging in the coping department.

Unable to fix the situation, bake, or read stories (they are way to old for that–one of them is married) I had to come up with ways to keep my mind busy.

I could have written.
I didn’t.
The writer’s brain I’ve been given turns dark and surly when I’m distressed, turning my characters into evil people.

Here’s what I did do:
worked out
ate a small pizza
stripped wallpaper
talked with my friends
bought paint to use on the ceiling and walls

It may be an odd way of coping but it’s better than my normal way–eat through the worry one bag of chips and grilled cheese sandwich followed by the same.

What do you do when stress is trying to take over your day?

Goals are kaput this week.
I have been asked to resubmit a 3 book proposal so I’ll be adding that to the goals for next week.