Parenthood and Adoption

Parenthood and Adoption

Last night’s episode of Parenthood highlighted adoption. It was touching to see how the entire Braverman family surrounded Victor showing him the power of family love.

Most of you know I have a blended family. Our circumstances are different from the Braverman’s. My husband and I were both widowed when we married and each of us brought children to the marriage.

Because there were no other spouses involved we didn’t have to adopt each other’s children. But we did. We felt it important enough to spend money in court and to stand in front of a judge and say, “Yes, these boys are ours and we will treat each of them as natural-born children.”

We didn’t make the day as big of a deal as the Braverman clan. We did make the boys dress nice –not an easy thing to do when they were 9 and 4! Our celebration dinner probably included pizza. I can’t remember.

What I do remember is the feeling of gratitude when Andy said yes, he would accept me as his mother. It’s one thing to have natural-born children. It’s exciting and fun but those kids don’t have a choice—they know you are their mom. To have a child not born of you say he wants you for a mom is a feeling I can’t describe. Please note that Andy had a good mom so he wasn’t trading his memories and love for her in hopes of getting something better. He was saying that in the circumstances in which we were put together he loved me enough to call me mom.



Even now writing about that day brings tears to my eyes. I have been so blessed to have Andy as my son. And in case you are reading this Ben and Josh –I’m blessed to have had you born to me!

Have you had any experience with adoptions?


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