Don’t Photoshop Me!

Flipping through magazines while waiting for my hairstylist often makes me sad. I look at the photos of perfect bodies and hair and wonder why I can’t achieve it, no matter how hard I try.

Conversations with my stylist are enlightening. The hair is seldom real, extensions are added along with tons of product to hold the hair in shape during a shoot.

Photoshop is often always used to make those bodies a bit tanner and thinner.

What message is being sent to young girls? Or even older women?
We aren’t good enough as we are. Even Christian women who know in our hearts that God created us, we are beautiful and wonderfully made, still think what we look like now can’t be what He desires.

So we tan, eat less, schedule another exercise class and maybe loose a few pounds.
Then we fall into a funk.

Why? Because we still don’t look like the magazine ads, the commercials or our favorite star.

A friend of mine produced this video as a class project. It’s worth watching and not just once. Show it to your daughters and your friends. Get into a discussion about what real people are supposed to look like.