How to use Post it notes and Washi Tape to Organize

 Organize with Post it and Washi Tape


Michelle had this amazing ‘to do’ board video and I wanted to see if I could make her system work for me.

Michelle has a much larger company than I do.  My company has 3 employees.

Me and

Oliver and Wendell.

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So I have this ‘to do’ board but instead of ‘doing’ those things I made a video. I think my hand gets in the way once, sorry about that! If you don’t have time to watch most of what I said about post it notes and washi tape organization is below the video.

I could have made a huge board with all the daily chores that need to be done around the house but honestly that was too depressing! So I thought this board would work better for my office chores.

I have two Ikea bookshelves –full of course and one of the sides is close to my desk. Perfect place to do my board. Michelle uses white board but this was handy and free.

I bought some fun tape at Target in the scrapbook aisle. There were a lot of choices but I went with something tame.

I probably should have used something to make sure the lines were level but that’s not my style. I did measure to make sure there would be room for the post it notes.

I kept it manageable for me. My columns can be changed by removing the top post it. I have 5 ‘to do’ lists that I can easily keep track of. One thing I loved about Michelle’s idea was the horizontal line at the end of her boards to keep track of what’s been accomplished. I like to see what I’ve finished by the end of the week.

Right now my columns are:

A Time to Dance—rewrite for ebook

Numbers—where I’m keeping track of an ad I placed and how it effects the amazon ranks

L&L –another book I’m working on

Blogs-where I keep ideas or where I need to write a post for someone else

Social-media—what tweets, fB, google+ I want to focus on for the week

Critiques and Reviews—I need to know where I stand in the stack of books I have to review and what needs to be sent back to my critique partner.


Here’s a link to Michelle Shaeffer’s video on using a white board with post it notes.

To do list  post it notes washi tape

Organize the Fun Way!


How do you make your to do lists? Please share!