What’s in Your Face?

Ever feel like the piles on your desk, the work around the house and those you love are in your face?

Wendell the Taskmaster Cat

It’s been that way since the beginning of spring at our house. Taking classes on blogging and social media marketing have taken a toll on my work time.

This week has been about taking charge of what needs to be done. Or at least making a list of those things.

  • Writing has to come first, I’m way behind on getting proposals written.
  • It’s time to clean out the closet -AGAIN…I really thought that was a once and done project
  • Spring cleaning and I’ve looked for springs in my house to clean. Didn’t find any so I can scratch that off my list, right?
  • Sign up for ROW80— a place to post my writing goals

Seriously, are things piling up on you? Tell me in a comment below.

*ROW80 Wednesday Check-In
Goal–Finish proposal by June 21