Cleaning Up with Photoshop Elements 11

Cleaning Up with Photoshop Elements 11

Using Photoshop Element 11 filters


Part of my job as a writer is to check  out what other writers post on their blogs. I ran across Liz Tolsma’s Changing Scenes blog. She had Pam Hillman, author of Claiming Mariah as a guest discussing how photos look different by changing filters on her camera.  Read her post Old World Christmas. I have Photoshop Elements 11 and wanted to see what I could do with my Christmas Tree. It’s a very small tree and not all that impressive–unless you are a cat, then it is an amazing playground.


Christamas Tree in color

No Filter

It’s very busy, you can see the light switch and part of the lamp and photo behind the tree.
Over at the  Coffeshop Blog they offer free actions (filters) for PhotoshopElements 11 and older versions. I used the Autumn Vintage filter on the Christmas tree.
Photoshop Elements filter

Coffeeshop Autumn Vintage

It’s softer looking but I can still see the problems in this photo.
Next I headed to Ree Drummand The Pioneer Woman and picked up her Sepia Filter. Also a free download.
Pioneer Woman photoshope elements

Sepia Toned Tree

Much Better! I can still see the unwanted elements but they aren’t as distracting. If I wanted to I could use the healing tool and make them go away.
healing tool photoshop elements 11

No more Unwanteds

Oops forgot to remove the photo behind the tree but it’s barely noticeable.
Besides having fun playing with Photoshop 11 have I learned anything else?
Yes. It may seem odd but the more I played with the photos and made the mistakes disappear it reminded me of someone who made my mistakes now and in the future disappear. Jesus is our filter when we stand before God.
Merry Christmas!