Public Speaking Anxiety

Public Speaking


The words Anxiety of Public Speaking doesn’t sound as scary as it is. The video is more accurate of how anxiety really¬† feels.

When I stand up to speak this is me. I have an urge to run screaming as far from the danger zone.

You know the zone? The place where a person stands and 80+ eyes look at you in anticipation of learning or being entertained?

I have an event I’ll be speaking at Ministry for Kids workshop in January. Thankfully¬† God –in His humorous way– made my co-author and co-speaker a therapist. I’m hoping she can talk me down from the ceiling as the chairs fill with people.

This should be easy for me. I’ve had training to speak in front of people. I taught school (but they were little ones!) and lead Bible studies.

I’ve been on the radio and videoed, but it doesn’t get easier for me.

I spend a lot of time in fear before the event. The bonus is that I should lose a few pounds, or yikes it could swing the other way and I’ll buy boxes of Pamela’s Gluten Free Cookies!!!

Any tips you all can share with me? I’d be grateful to learn away around, over or through this fear.