a2z: The letter is “P’ for Piecing

I often wonder why everyone isn’t excited about piecing  a lot of small pieces of fabric into a quilt. It’s much like life-something happens and you pick up the scattered hurts and patch them into something a bit different and useful.

And then I spend a few hours on a Saturday ripping out what I put together the night before and realize this is why everyone isn’t piecing! It’s often painful and no fun at all.

Spiral Tree Skirt someday

This tree skirt may not get finished in time for Christmas. I’ve had to take it apart at least 20 times.

Lutheran World Relief Quilt

 This one will get finished. I belong to a small but might group of quilters at my church. We piece together quilts that are collected and used during disaster relief and for the homeless. The idea is to use the fabric donated and just sew the blocks together. I can’t. I must try and make them someone pretty. This is the one I’m working on now. It will get finished soon, but I did make it a diagonal pattern so I might be ripping it out too. 

I have a great ripper. Surgical sharp. I know. I’ve caught my finger with it a few times.

I like piecing and I got my love of it from my grandmother Pauline! Yep, she’s a “P” and her photo is on my shelf. When I get discouraged about ripping and starting over I see her smiling face and know I’m not the first to rip, but I have a feeling she was more patient than I.


 And because I enjoy torturing myself with small pieces of fabric my next project is going to be a Dear Jane quilt. The finished blocks are 5″ and the entire quilt has over 5000 pieces.

Dear Jane Block

I may need another seam ripper.

*Laury–I visit your posts, but can’t seem to get my comments to work. 

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posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer