Nothing like a fresh coat of Paint and #ROW80

Annie Sloan Changes Old to Fresh

I admit it. I’m a paint addict. Some of my friends think I’m a bit strange (Luanne!) and maybe it’s from the paint fumes.  I was searching out fun decorating blogs and came across Susie Harris’s blog 
(check out her site! So much fun stuff!) extolling the joys of Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

I was so excited I asked my friend (Luanne) if she wanted the link. She politely declined. I’ll convert her to loving paint one of these days.

I have several pieces try out this paint  and after tracking it down at New Art Legacies I was ready to start.

stained wood night stand early American Sytle
1980s nightstand

This is what I started with. This nightstand is one of the pieces left from my first check as a teacher. I bought the entire bedroom set and spent weeks staining it. Now it’s in my guest room and needed an update. The whole room is getting updated because my friend (Terry) is coming to stay. Terry is a great friend and could care less if I updated the room but any excuse to get out the brushes and a can of paint and I’m there.

old white paint color
Annie Sloan old white

What is unique about Annie Sloan chalk paint is that is is very low odor, it dries super fast and sticks to everything, even metal and glossy finishes without sanding or priming.

old white pain annie sloan over wood stain
First Coat

I probably should have used a brush, instead I used a Purdy (yes I know the name I’m a paint geek) roller. The paint went on thin but no brush strokes.  After two coats it looked like this.

Early American furniture painted
Old White

So what do you think? I love it. Even the handles turned out nice. Once it was done I sent a photo to my friend (Luanne-the anti paint person) and she liked it too.

I’m working on few more pieces too, but I’m not ready to show those yet. I’m also trying to decide if I want to add the wax.

Have you ever painted with chalk paint? Will you?

ROW80 check up
Writing goals took a fun twist this week when I was asked to write an article. So I put away my other writing this week until I finished with that.
Finished reading Rob Eager’s book on marketing. I have lots to do but I did work on my about me page. Still needs more work!
As you can see I did a project–just not a sewing one.
The house –well, it’s over 100 degrees I’m pretty sure dust and dirt don’t accumulate in that kind of temperature. 

Gold Mine Research=Rabbit Trails

ikea book shelf, writers bookshelf

 How much time should you spend on research?

No matter how many books you have, 
the right one isn’t on your shelf
when you need a fact to support your story.

I have the Time-Life The Old West series on my shelf. (The brown ones in the bottom left of the photo.) There are 26 of them filled with stories that intrigue me but don’t have anything to do with what I’m currently writing, except for this one. 

The Miners leather bound Time-Live Old West Seires volume

This volume is The Miners  and it’s filled with rabbit trails. I’m researching for a story set in Colorado in 1860 except it wasn’t called Colorado then, it was Idaho, or Colorado Territory or Jefferson Territory. (Rabbit trail alert! Idaho was called Montana for for a while.) Because of the rumblings of the Civil War, the state and territory naming was halted until 1863. So that leaves me with making a writer’s decision. Do I go with what the reader would be comfortable with or the historian?

 Help me decide by leaving a comment, please.

And if you’re wondering those aren’t matches under the book. That’s a copy of Rob Eagar’s Sell Your Book like Wildfire. Why is it there? Because it’s another rabbit trail I need to follow.

*ROW80 Check in 2000 words written on proposal
met my blogging goal 
met the workout and food tracking goal for the week AND–cleaned my house!