Routines or Gutter Bumpers?

Routines or Gutter Bumpers?

 Getting life back on track


It’s Friday and I’m lost without my routines. With the Christmas and New Year’s holidays everything that seems to govern my life is wrong.

I’ve been to church so many times I’m not sure when Sunday really is.

The trash pickup didn’t come today–it’s moved till tomorrow.

Laundry day no longer has a day.

Grocery shopping–anytime I feel like it.

Even the normal sleep time has been interrupted by season 1 of 24, which I am just now getting around to watching.


Time Tunnel

Routine sucked away!


So my question is, do I live my life with routine, or do I use those normal activites as gutter bumpers keeping me on a path?

What happens when those routines go off on their own? Chaos. It leads to to many hours on the internet, playing words with friends, and pajama days.

Working out becomes–I’ll get to it sometime today. (but I don’t)

Meal time becomes anytime.


I’m looking forward to this Sunday when my week starts out like normal.

I need those gutter bumpers to keep me from falling into all time vacation land.

How about you?

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