Grilled Cheese Please

Grilled Cheese Gluten-Free

It’s here! April has arrived! 
It’s not about the spring flowers and blooming trees for me. 
No! It’s grilled cheese month! That means they are in season right? So one should eat them as often as possible in April.

Having to eat gluten-free was awful for a long time until I found a bread, Rudi’s that made a delicious grilled delicacy.

I’m a purist with my grilled cheese sandwiches. Two piece of they yellow processed cheese is my all time favorite.

I have made them with Provolone and Havarti cheese or sandwiched bacon, or thinly sliced meatloaf slid between the cheese slices.  They were good but not as good as the real grilled cheese sandwich. 

The one that got me through breakups in high school, college study sessions (ugh math), and pregnancy! 

So celebrate with me. How do you like your grilled cheese sandwich?

Fellow grilled cheese lovers please leave a note in the comment section.