Who Lives on Your Desk?

desk with laptop and books

After reading Karen Ball’s article, Who Lives on Your Desk? over on the Steve Laube Agency blog, I thought I’d share my answer with you.

Two monitors and an iPad may be overkill but sometimes I wish I had four monitors!

I have a book about Ghost Towns that belongs to Sara, my daughter-in-law that I’m using for research.

Jesus Calling by  Sarah Young is my first read of the morning.

Sell Your Book like Wildfire by Ron Eager with hundreds of flagged pages. Someday I will find time to do all of those suggestions.

A clipboard to make sure I get all the blogging done this month.

My mouse and of course, a pen.

A jar of marbles made into a lamp. I need to put a new bulb in it. I keep forgetting about that.

So tell me what do you have on your desk?


Gold Mine Research=Rabbit Trails

ikea book shelf, writers bookshelf

 How much time should you spend on research?

No matter how many books you have, 
the right one isn’t on your shelf
when you need a fact to support your story.

I have the Time-Life The Old West series on my shelf. (The brown ones in the bottom left of the photo.) There are 26 of them filled with stories that intrigue me but don’t have anything to do with what I’m currently writing, except for this one. 

The Miners leather bound Time-Live Old West Seires volume

This volume is The Miners  and it’s filled with rabbit trails. I’m researching for a story set in Colorado in 1860 except it wasn’t called Colorado then, it was Idaho, or Colorado Territory or Jefferson Territory. (Rabbit trail alert! Idaho was called Montana for for a while.) Because of the rumblings of the Civil War, the state and territory naming was halted until 1863. So that leaves me with making a writer’s decision. Do I go with what the reader would be comfortable with or the historian?

 Help me decide by leaving a comment, please.

And if you’re wondering those aren’t matches under the book. That’s a copy of Rob Eagar’s Sell Your Book like Wildfire. Why is it there? Because it’s another rabbit trail I need to follow.

*ROW80 Check in 2000 words written on proposal
met my blogging goal 
met the workout and food tracking goal for the week AND–cleaned my house!