a2z: The letter is ‘Z’ for Zandini

The Great Zandini

┬áNow we’ve come to the end of the alphabet and the a2z meme that
Patty Wysong created. It’s been fun thinking of a blog post for each letter.

Z is for Zandini. On our mini vacation to St. Joesph, Michigan in August I found this guy in a corner of the carousel building.

I couldn’t help but remember the Tom Hanks movie Big, in case you don’t know the movie, Hank’s character puts in his money and wishes to be big. His wish is granted and he wakes up with an adult body.

I had .25 cents but not a wish that would/could be granted by The Great Zandini, he may have been predicting futures I’m not sure. The idea of know what lies ahead creeps me out. I’d rather let each day come to me the way God wants it to.

Then again if he were granting wishes…just one… I would have wished for more days to spend walking the beach with my husband.

What about you what would you wish for?

posted by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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