Gatsby Weddings

Gatsby Weddings in Style?

The Great Gatsby opened not long ago, filled with fabulous fashions and jewels. Can you imagine being invited to a party where you would be decked out in pearls and shiny clothing?

My grandparents were married in 1928. I don’t have photos of them but I do know they didn’t live the fancy life. Grandma was probably married in a simple dress and not a many pearls, if any would have adorned her neck. While the flapper era seemed exciting I imagine only a few lived the fancy party life with excessive partying.

My grandmother on her graduation day in the 20s.

Pauline Neal

Still the era left its mark, a romantic one.

We were invited to attend a 1920s themed wedding and asked to dress in the era if possible. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding at a botanical garden. Many of the guests wore something that would bring to mind that era. It wasn’t over done or costume party style–it was what my grandparents would have done if they’d have had the means. (that means money for those of you to young to know that!)

The thrill of the 20s came at the reception held at the Timothy Demonruen House built in 1906. Walking up the front steps, seeing the doors and woodwork while ragtime plays and you’re transported.

Timothy DemonBruen house2


Inside the house there is an expanse of well carved woodwork and mirrored mantels. This historic house is also a bed and breakfast, complete with a  claw footed tub.



My husband Ed and I did our part, my poor guy wore a white tie and spats from the party store. The tie was slippery!












My friend and co-author Marty Lintvedt and I wore feathers and beads. Lots of laughter and fun.


Have you been to a themed wedding? What was it like?