The Great Gatsby and Tiffany’s

Have you seen the new movie?

We celebrated our 23rd anniversary this weekend by going to one of the newer bistro cinemas. I picked the movie, Gatsby would never have been Ed’s pick. That’s how I know our marriage is doing well. He treats me special.

The bistro is fun, you  sit in leather recliners and press a call button and the waitress to brings you yummy edibles. That made Ed happy all he was missing was the remote!

I’ve heard the previous movie starring Robert Redford was amazing but I haven’t seen it so I can’t say.

This version I loved. I won’t give anything away so feel free to read. The costumes made me want to live in the 20s, they used some original Tiffany jewelry l along with pieces from Tiffany’s archives. I love the head-piece and ring! I’ve always been a fan of Art Deco and I wasn’t disappointed in what I saw.

One of the things that intrigued me is how the lavish parties looked like marvelous fun, but instead of cutting away to the next big event (scene) the producers showed the ugly side of those kind of parties, drunken guests who should have left several hours earlier, the litter left behind, and the morning after the party when the Gatsby mansion had to be cleaned.

It made me consider the times I’ve had high expectations of events and stayed a little to long not wanting to leave, afraid I’d miss some kind of excitement. The excitement never comes.

The one thing I know for sure is I have high expectations of heaven and seeing God and I can rest knowing that event will not leave me wanting more. I can only imagine how He can outshine Tiffany’s.