The Best Wood Bowls

Wood Bowls from Trees

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After I wrote the title for this post-Wood Bowls from Trees I realized how silly that sounds. I will defend my choice of title!

The bowls I’m talking about are made from ONE piece of a tree. Yes! One piece, not glued together in section but one solid piece.

My friend Scott makes these amazing pieces from trees. He made one for me from a tree that fell during a storm a few years ago. It was a huge mess at my house and I can’t find the photos. One of the trees landed on my son’s car and totaled it.

Scott and his wife Barbara helped remove the trees. Later he gave me this bowl to remember the storm.


I can’t remember what kind of tree this is made from, I think it was an ash tree. I use this bowl often for Clementines, apples and even Christmas bows.

It’s hard to imagine a bowl this pretty came from something like these logs.


Since the time my bowl was made Scott has opened his own business Scott Schlapkohl Creations

Here are a few of the bowls he’s made.

110-1-150x150medium box

Aren’t they amazing? The one on the bottom is really a box.

If you’re looking for a special gift for some one check out Scott’s site.

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